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Friday, June 09, 2006

Death of Zarquawi- is it really the beginning of the end?

Well I really do not think so. Lets preview the whole matter from a basic socio political point of view. The question of terrorism is debated for quite a while now- what someone calls a terrorist act, someone else calls it a just war or Jihad. Yes the issue can be termed as 'relativistic' in nature but I believe that there is one parameter advocated as something which can really draw a thin line between a just war and terrorism and that is who get victimized. If they kill common people then they are terrorists. Truly it has become a common feature that the common people are the worst sufferers in this situation of anarchy and the both warring sides are to be blamed for this. No body cares to find out what really the commoners want, be it Kashmir, Iraq, Iran, UK or USA. Because both the sides try to establish their own political agenda. Even in these terrorist groups it won't be hard to find 'fighters' who came to join them not because of any political/religious ideologies but to earn bread and butter for themselves and their families. Then how they are different from normal soldiers except that these 'fighters' are not affiliated to any county's government. After being recruited things are not much different from the regular army! In a regular army new recruits are brainwashed in a way that they think that every killing is a act of bravery and for that they will be paid. The same thing happens in a 'terrorist group' here new recruiters are taught that they are also killing in the name of a supreme ideology. But the killings remains killing anyway!! So at last it is the common people who have to suffer and they suffer not because of 'terrorists' but because of the just warriors too - equally by both sides.
So it bring the whole topic back to the comment that I made at the beginning that the KILLINGS are not going to stop with one death. Another Zarqawi will rise and this will continue until and unless the basic question is tried to be answered in a basic way. There'll always be people to fight for either Osama or Bush. Unless commoners basic needs are addressed this killings will never stop. Military should be there to defend the borders of their respective countries, not killing and fighting on a foreign soil to increase the vote ratings of their political leaders. Similarly an ideology can never propose killing of innocent civilians in the name of anything.