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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Broadband and VSNL

Hi friends. For your own benifit please read on.

I took a prepaid connectiion from VSNL aka TATA Indicom and I would like to share my nightmarish experience with you. I paid for 6 months but for the first two months I could not use it atall because of their technical difficulty. There customer service can be termed as poorest of all. I made 18 complins in the first 2 months and none was properly taken care of. Then they tried to solve it installing a dial up connection but that also did not help and so now they are squarely blaming my PC. Though in this same PC BSNL broadband runs without any problems. Till date I made 30 or so complains but they could not solve it. The behaviour of the local customer service people are horrible. I requested them a number of times to compensate my loss but they never even cared to answer.!?! I even wrote to their customer service president but the result remains the same.

VSNL/TATA INDICOM IS THE BIGGEST CHEAT IN INDIA. I request all my readers not to go for their connection otherwise you will also be duped like me. Apart from above drawbacks their quality of connection is also very poor. No matter what is the problem they will simply put the blame on the customers.

If any of you readers also have any direct or indirect experience to share like mine please voice your protest here.