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Friday, May 04, 2007

Can not access

Hi there friends

I believe for the last few months those of us who use BSNL as their broadband service provider faced this problem. Whatever you do you can not pass through to demonoid and wondering whether the site is at last down!

Well not really. This site is from Yugoslavia and as you know they like Swedish Government maintains a completely different view about file sharing- that is sharing is not wrong when there is no exchange of money.

Unfortunately, BSNL tries to play moral police [or should I say Habildar of USA] and it banned Demonoid. So you can not access it using BSNL gateway. Considering the fact that sharing never really caused any harm to any industry [remember the good ol' days of sharing Books and Audio cassettes?], it was rather a useless step and moreover it shows how our Central Government has become just a puppet in the hands of USA and MNCs. Can;t we have enough guts like many Scandinavian and East European countries which simply asked US and its greedy companies to keep their mouth shut? At least I hope we netizens of India should rise up and protest against this kind of action. Whether a person shares or not is simply his or her personal matter and no body has the right to act as a moral police.

Contrary to the popular beliefs I strongly believe that sharing in a way boost the industry. Let me site you an example. Can you simply buy all the good books available in the market? Obviously not, but sharing amongst friends will always ensure that someone of the friends buys one of the books; thus boosting the overall sales.

I know in case of softwares things may not be that simple, but I believe the blame goes on to the developers. Look at their horrible pricing...adobe's any creative multimedia softwares will set you back by a minimum of Rs 20000 [full version]. So the pricing has completely taken away the chance of buying. I thing had those prices be more in tune with the economies of the third world countries, most of the people would not have bothered to use File sharing Softwares or warez.

BTW, if any one of you still like to visit Demonoid, simply use a public proxy server address. Google will throw you few thousand of those. :)

At the end, I am not in favour of piracy, but I am obviously not against sharing- where money does not change hand.

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