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Sunday, March 09, 2008

DVD Ripping- A Complete Guide (DVDFab HD Decrypter)

DVDFab HD Decrypter

As mentioned in the DVD Backup Post, PgcDemux can not handle Latest Copy Protected DVDs, and to rip your latest copy protected DVD yu need a more capable tool, which in this case is DVDFab HD Decrypter. As the name suggests, this program can Decrypt (which means 'Rip') even the HD DVDs, but we are going to concentrate on its ability to rip our good ol' DVDs for now.



If you go to the Download Page link you should see something like the next screen shot. Hit on the Green "Download" Button to start your download.

Once your download is over, you need to install this program by running the downloaded installer.

Once you complete your installation you should see thisprogram icon placed on the desktop. You will need to Reboot your PC after the installation is over.


Step 1:

Double Click on the program icon and the following screen will appear.

This is the main program window. All those options which I have blackened are not available in this free program, but in its commercial counterpart. The two enabled functions which we shall require are shown in the Red Rectangle.

Step 2:

The Button 1 will rip the whole content of the DVD to your Hard Disc Drive. We are more interested to get the Movie only to the Hard Disc Drive. And to do that, the Button 2 is required. Now, insert your DVD to your DVD Drive. The program will automatically detect the DVD and you can see it in the "Source" field. Now hit the little 'Folder Icon' beside the "Target" field and choose the location where you would like to save your ripped movie. Remember to choose a location where enough free space (at least about 9GB) is available.

Step 3:

Once you have chosen your source and target, hit the option at the left pane of the main program window labeled as "Main Movie" (if you have not done it already in the previous step). You can see something like the next screen shot.

Look at the portion of the Program Window labeled as "1" in blue. The First column is "Title" and the second column is "Play Time". If the DVD is a single movie DVD, then you do not need to do anything. The Title Number belonging to the Largest Duration will automatically be selected. If it is otherwise, select the required title based on the play time.

Now look at the right part of the main window labeled as "2". Here you can find all the available Audio Streams in the DVD movie. You can choose the one you would like to rip by clicking the check box beside the stream name.

The small window below the Audio Streams (2) window shows the subpictures available. You can also select the ones you require or you may leave it as default.

Once you have completed all the above, just hit the "Start" button at the right bottom corner of the program window to start the Ripping Process.

Step 4:

Once you hit the "Start" button as mentioned in the previous step, you can see the following window.

Let me explain what are the different parts of this window.

1. This is the Log Window, reporting the operation progress in a textual manner. If anything goes wrong, this log really comes handy to pin point the problem.

2. This portion shows you the time required to complete the operation (So that you can decide how many cups of coffee you need to take).

3. This one is pretty handy if you just need to forget this process for now. The program can shut down the PC once the operation completes, provided you check the box beside the option.

4. This is the Graphical Progress Bar.

5. In case you have a old PC which can not handle multi tasking efficiently, you can just pause this process using this button for the time being.

6. In case you need to cancel the whole job!

Step 5:

Once the process is completed, you will be seeing the following screen shot.

Nothing much to do here; just hit the "OK" button in the small pop up window.

Step 7:

Now navigate to the target folder you have chosen to something like the next screen shot.

Take a note of the .vob files. These are the files you need to feed to AGK (AutoGK), the first one to be precise. And do not rename any of these files if you want to convert the whole movie to XviD. If you can not understand which are vob files, just look for the files which are very large in size in comparison with other files.

So the ripping guide is concluded here, using DVDFab Decrypter.

To find out how to convert your DVD to AVI (XviD) using AutoGK after you have ripped the DVD as above, see this post here:

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