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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

DVD Ripping with PgcDemux

The tool I have used here is PgcDemux. There are other very popular tools available for this job, namely DVDDecrypter and DVDfab Decrypter. Unlike the other two, PgcDemux does not need any installation. You can run it for the unzipped folder by just clicking the .exe file. So I have preferred this one.


  1. Click here to download PgcDemux
  2. Homepage

Here is the Screen shot of the download page:

PGCDemux download


This tool does not require you to run an installer to install it.

As you click the Link 1 from above list you should see this file PGCDemux installer at your Download Location. It is a zip file. Double click on this file to unzip the contents of this file (you may use a free tool named 7-zip for this purpose).

The unzipped folder contains the following three files

PGCDemux 2

Double clicking on the above 'blue boxed' PgcDemux.exe file will run the program opening up the main program window as explained in the next subsection.


The following is the program window that you shall see when you run PgcDemux for the first time

PGCDemux main window[5]

Step 1:

Hit the "1." 'Browse' button and you shall be greeted with a pop up window as the next shot, from where you need to choose the IFO file. Do not worry about what is IFO file as this window is only going to list those files which are indeed IFO files. Navigate to the DVD Drive containing your DVD Disc.

PGCDemux file choice

Step 2:

As you double click on the VIDEO_TS folder you shall see something like the following:

PGCDemux video ts

Step 3:

These are the IFO files that you need to select. Now the question is which one! Hover your mouse over all the three IFO files and choose the file which is the largest in size. In this case I chose VTS_01_0 which is the largest (74.0 KB of the three IFOs listed in the 'choice window'.

PGCDemux choice

Step 4:

Select the largest IFO and hit the "Open" button, and you shall see the following screen. Note that the selected IFO is now displayed in the "Input IFO" field of the Program Window.

PGCDemux input

Hit the "Browse" button next to the "Output Folder" field to choose the output location. The location should have sufficient Hard Disc Space (about 6 GB at least for a large movie). As you choose your Output location the second field should look like the next screen shot...

PGCDemux output

Step 5:

Here you need to prepare the program to provide you the output that can be used in the next stage. Look at the next screen shot very carefully and check/ uncheck boxes according to that under "Options" section of the program...this step is very important. Basically, you need to make sure that you uncheck all the boxes but "Create a PGC VOB". "Create Logfile" is optional, but I suggest that you keep it checked as this will help you to see through the process in case anything goes wrong (though the chances are minimal unless you do something wrong).

PGCDemux options

Check the "Mode" part of the Program and make sure that "by PGC" is selected...

PGCDemux mode

Step 6:

Now the last part before you can actually run the program. Look in the "PGC Selection" part of the main program window.


Make sure that in "Domain", "Titles" is selected. Now look in the next field. If you click on the Green Colored drop down arrow, you can find all the PGCs by numbers and their duration. Choose the PGC number which has the longest duration. In this case it is PGC # 01, with about 3 hrs duration. Except for Episodic DVDs, there will only be one PGC having the longest duration.

Now the program is all set to start the Ripping.

Step 7:

Hit the "Process" button at the bottom lest of the main program window to start the process. Once you hit the "Process" Button, a progress bar will be showing you the process status. Refer the next screen shot...

PGCDemux finale

The Title Bar as well as the progress bar will give you an idea of the progress. Now, you need to just be patient unless the process is completed, the time of which will depend on your Computer's power.

Step 8:

Once the process is over, you shall see a small pop up window opened like the following screen shot. Note that, this happens even though the title bar is displaying that 98% is completed. Do not worry about it. Just hit the "OK" button and then hit "Quit" button at the bottom right corner of the program window.

PGCDemux finished

Now if you navigate to the output folder, you can see a number of VOB files ( about all of size 0.99 GB) and named in sequence. This is very important that you do not rename any of these VOB files otherwise AGK will not be able to convert the full movie.

PGCDemux result

The logfile at the beginning is created by this program which may be referred to see the full details of the program run.

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